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Introduction: The Rise And Fall Of An Empire: Constantine (02:20)


The Roman Empire faced one of its biggest challenges at the beginning of the fourth century as four emperors jockeyed for power. Constantine the Great would unite the empire and popularize a new world religion.

Ancient Battle (09:20)

Constantine prepared for a battle against Maxentius in 312 AD. Followers of Christianity traveled with Constantine, convincing him that a sign from heaven heralded his victory.

War Banner (08:34)

For hundreds of years, Roman soldiers went into battle under the banners of traditional gods, but Constantine chose to fight under a Christian symbol. Constantine’s army assaulted Rome on Oct. 28, 312 A.D.

Alliance with Licinius (06:49)

Constantine sought to bring peace to the Eastern Empire, which was contested by emperors Licinius and Daia. Constantine allied himself with the former who married his sister, Constantia.

Controversial Christianity (07:21)

Constantine had doubts about his alliance with Licinius; he turned toward Christianity for answers. He courted controversy by diverting money intended for pagan temples to new Christian buildings.

Constantine vs. Licinius (11:05)

Licinius ordered Constantine assassinated, accusing his rival of violating the Edict of Milan. The first war was indecisive in 316 A.D., and a second broke out after seven years of uneasy peace. Constantine prevailed at the Battle of Chrysopolis.

Council of Nicaea (04:10)

Licinius retired to a villa in Greece. Constantine brought together hundreds of bishops to work out a statement of Christian belief in 325 A.D.

Credits: Constantine (00:44)

Credits: Constantine

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