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Treaty Breaking Battleship (03:36)


Hitler signed the 1935 Anglo-German Agreement, intending to disregard it. By August 1940, Bismarck was the largest, most powerful ship in the world. She was sent to the Atlantic to disturb Britain's supply convoys.

Attack: Preparation (06:40)

Admiral John Tovey was in charge Britain's home fleet and protection of merchant convoys. He predicted Bismarck's route, tracking her through the Denmark Strait where Royal Navy ships waited to engage her in battle.

Attack: German Elusion (05:41)

HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Hood unsuccessfully fired at the Bismarck in the Denmark strait. Bismarck's commander planned to lead British ships into U-boat target range, but a Royal Navy intercepting fleet prevented offensive escape. Bismarck headed to a safe harbor off France.

Attack: British Victory (06:01)

The Royal Air Force tracked the Bismarck until intercepted by HMS Sheffield, which struck the ship with a Swordfish torpedo bomb and jammed the steering gear. British destroyers pummeled Bismarck until it was sunk by HMS Dorsetshire.

Credits: The Man Who Stopped The Bismarck (00:21)

Credits: The Man Who Stopped The Bismarck

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When the Royal Navy realized that the Bismarck was in the Atlantic, she was hunted down by radar and surrounded by British heavy warships.

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