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Identifying Enemy Technology (04:37)


On September 7th, 1940, the Luftwaffe raided London, killing 2,000 and destroying homes. Winston Churchill enlisted scientists to defend against blitzes. Reginald Victor Jones discovered Germans used Knickebein radio guidance and located their transmission station in Kleve.

Knickebein (02:42)

Churchill required evidence of Jones's radio navigation discovery; an Avro Anson was fitted with detection equipment. Reconnaissance aircraft confirmed transmitters in Kleve and a recovered Lorentz system was obtained.

Technology Battle: British Victories (02:48)

Recovered German equipment revealed how Knickebein functioned. Robert Cockburn created a transmitter that bent radio beams; other inventions confused transmissions. German bombers lost accuracy and missed targets.

Technology Battle: X-Gerat (02:53)

Germany devised a better radio beam and in Autumn 1940, they blitzed London. The new system and transmitters were discovered and the signals were linked to the KGR 100 unit, captained by Horst Gotz.

Coventry Bombing (04:10)

In November 1940, a Nazi pilot revealed the Luftwaffe's plan for a massive raid, but not its targets. Germans turned on beams directly before attack to avoid detection; jammers were ineffective and KGR 100 lead an attack killing 500 people.

Technology Battle: Y-Gerat (04:47)

Jones cracked codes and discovered how X-Gerat and Wotan radio beams functioned. The Luftwaffe's newest system enabled attack accuracy. The British sent false signals on their frequencies and Germans abandoned blitz attacks.

Credits: The Man Who Saved London (00:20)

Credits: The Man Who Saved London

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Discover the ingenuity of Dr. RV Jones, who devised counter-beams to throw the Germans off target when they were trying to bomb British cities.

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