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Introduction: The Men Who Set Fire To The Sea (01:27)


Britain’s coast was set ablaze in 1940 to halt imminent Nazi invasion, and again four years later as Western Allies prepared to liberate Europe.

Operation Overlord: Landing Determination (05:15)

President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill arranged capture of Nazi occupied Europe for May, 1944; they enlisted Frederick Morgan as Chief of Staff of Supreme Allied Command to devise an invasion plan. Photo reconnaissance, Special Forces, and citizens helped Western Allies create comprehensive maps of Normandy’s coast.

Operation Overlord: Overcoming Defenses (04:57)

Churchill appointed General Percy Hobart to breach German defenses on the Atlantic Wall and overcome Normandy beach obstacles. He devised several specialized tanks that found mines and created temporary infrastructure. Mulberry Harbors provided a supply line to Western Allied troops.

Operation Bodyguard (07:21)

Deception was vital to Western Allied success in Normandy. Controlled leakage, double agents, and elaborate sub-operations convinced Hitler that France would be invaded at Pas de Calais.

D-Day (04:12)

The Normandy invasion was set for May, but bad weather created delays; the Germans did not foresee attack until August. When a break in storms occurred, Dwight Eisenhower progressed on June 6th. An allied force of 4,000 ships carrying 160,000 men successfully liberated the beach.

Credits: The Men Who Set Fire To The Sea (00:20)

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This episode reveals the inventive methods used to trick the Nazis in the push to end the war, including bogus invasion plans and fake armies.

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