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Ocean of Extremes (03:46)


The Atlantic Ocean stretches from the Antarctic to the Arctic. Off the coast of Norway, herrings arrive to spawn. Humpback, fin, and orca whales travel to feast on the fish.

Breeding Grounds (05:27)

In the Caribbean Sea north of the Dominican Republic, a humpback whale gives birth. Calves can be crushed when the male whales compete to mate with a cow.

Heading North (04:06)

After six weeks, the mother and child leave the breeding grounds to head toward Norway. The calf breaches. Winds that blow across the ocean drive the Gulf Stream from the Gulf of Mexico towards the United States; sargassum seaweed provides shelter for small fish.

"Tres Hombres" (02:45)

Sailors use the Gulf Stream winds to traverse across the Atlantic Ocean. The Dutch ship brings rum, chocolate, and coffee beans to Amsterdam.

Graveyard of the Atlantic (03:03)

Residents of Barrier Island believe their ancestors survived shipwrecks. Salt marshes support over 100 wild horses descended from Spanish stock. The herd digs to find freshwater.

Food for Humpback Whales (03:33)

The cow and calf join forces with a bull for protection. The cold current brings icebergs off of Canada and New England, causing the plankton to bloom. The lion's mane jellyfish catches shrimp, fish, and other jellyfish.

Leatherback Turtle (03:42)

Mike James and Blair Fricker search the waters off the coast of Nova Scotia for the migrating animal that feeds on lion's mane jellyfish. Because they can generate heat, these amphibians can swim into the northern seas. Cameras capture the turtles eating.

Bubble Nets (02:31)

After trapping its prey, humpback whales feast on sun eels in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Giant strips of baleen force water out.

Rocky Ocean (04:56)

Off the coast of North America winds blow due east. Gannets swim down 65 feet to pursue prey. Fishermen search for a location where the current drives nutrients to the surface. A weather bomb is a fast powerful storm with almost hurricane-strength winds.

Coast of Ireland (02:58)

If harnessed, the energy from one storm could power the entire United Kingdom for a season. Winter storms drive plankton blooms during the summer. Basking sharks, puffins, and seabirds feast.

North Atlantic Current (09:21)

The waters off the coast of the British Isles are ten degrees warmer than near North America. The pink sea fan and European cuttlefish breed every summer. Super saline water causes parts of the North Atlantic Ocean to not freeze. Herring gather to spawn off the coast of Norway; orcas and humpback whales feed on the school.

Credits: Atlantic - Wildest Ocean on Earth: Life Stream (North) (00:30)

Credits: Atlantic - Wildest Ocean on Earth: Life Stream (North)

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Discover the mysteries of the Atlantic Ocean in all its moods, from its darkest depths to its coastline and islands, and learn about the people and wildlife whose lives are shaped by its rhythms. The Atlantic is an ocean everyone thinks they know, but what we see from the shore is only a fraction of the story. This beautiful and dramatic program takes viewers on a mind-blowing journey from north to south, from Africa to Brazil, carried by the currents and blown by the wind for hundreds of thousands of miles, touching countless nations and reaching crushing depths of over 8,000 meters. The program captures all the romance, raw power and spectacular beauty of the Atlantic as it explores the character, qualities and ecology of its three different zones?—the north, the tropics and the south?—and reveals the captivating stories of those intimately connected to it.

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