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Cresta Run (04:28)


Jeremy Clarkson heads to Switzerland to witness the most hair-raising toboggan ride in the world. Club Chairman Digby Willoughby uses x-rays to demonstrate the risk of bodily harm.

Dogfight (09:45)

Jet fighter pilots run the risk of blacking out due to the pressure of g-force, which can stop the flow of blood to the brain. Clarkson is strapped into a simulator to test his own tolerance. Later, he rents a plane for some simulated combat.

Airflow and Skiing (07:57)

Clarkson meets Jeff Hamilton, one of about 200 speed skiers in the world. He reaches speeds of up to 150 mph and has had the terrifying experience of crashing. Clarkson is battered by gale force winds in the sort of wind tunnel Hamilton uses to practice his stance.

Sonic Boom (07:19)

Clarkson visits the largest wind tunnel in the world, which can move 63 tons of air per second and uses as much energy as a city of 250,000 people. British aerodynamicist Dennis Bancroft recalls events that led to American pilot Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier.

Supersonic Flight (06:23)

Clarkson boards the Concorde, a commercial jet that reaches speeds of 1,500 miles per hour. He heads to Edwards Air Force Base where he visits the Lockheed SR-71. It is able to travel from New York to London in 140 minutes, making it one of the fastest aircraft ever built.

First Man in Space (03:45)

Clarkson meets Joe Kittinger, the first man to ever view our planet from outer space. He did this from an air balloon, ascending to 102,800 feet before skydiving back to Earth. He still holds the record for the fastest freefall.

Rocket Power (07:09)

Clarkson discusses the legend of a Chinese man who attempted to fly using a chair covered in fireworks. He may not have survived, but he was on the right track; rocket boosters that send space shuttles into space are, essentially, giant fireworks.

Credits: Speed: Episode 2 (00:38)

Credits: Speed: Episode 2

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Host Jeremy Clarkson faces a crushing g-force, revisits the breaking of the sound barrier and meets the first man to view Earth from space on the second episode of BBC-TV's Speed



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