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Danny's Story (06:20)


Christine Marquino's two year old son suffered intermittent morning vomiting; doctors ruled out acid reflux, post-nasal drip and gastrointestinal causes. He suffered a seizure; a CT scan found enlarged ventricles. Further testing revealed a spinal tumor.

Treating Child Cancer (04:05)

Neural oncologist Dr. Kenneth Cohen discusses Danny's spinal tumor diagnosis. After surgery, he underwent a 72 week chemotherapy regimen. The cancer had spread through the brain and spine, and the tumor returned. Christine tried to maintain normalcy for her children.

Myth or Medicine (01:58)

Dr. Jeff Andolina explains that new cancer treatments are safe for children. Children generally tolerate chemotherapy, radiation and surgery better than adults. Most childhood cancer is sporadic, rather than hereditary.

Childhood Cancer Prognosis (03:18)

Approximately 70% of all pediatric cancers are now cured, but there are fewer research dollars available due to the condition’s rarity. Cohen explains that pediatric cancers affect the body differently and rarely persist into adulthood.

Chronic Pediatric Cancer (02:58)

Danny is attending school but suffers seizures. His cancer has spread again; he is undergoing a third round of chemotherapy. Christine recommends parents in similar situations reach out to doctors and other parents for support and knowledge.

Second Opinion (03:25)

Christine asks Cohen and Dr. Lisa Harris how parents can find out about the latest pediatric glioma research and treatment options. She shares a story about Danny's visit to Shea Stadium.

Second Opinion 5 (02:07)

Registered nurse Laurie Napoleone shares five things parents can do after their child has been diagnosed with cancer.

Credits: Childhood Cancer—Second Opinion (01:12)

Credits: Childhood Cancer—Second Opinion

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Childhood Cancer—Second Opinion

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Few things are as sad or shocking as hearing of a child diagnosed with cancer. While the children fight for their lives, doctors and researchers fight for money to find new, desperately needed treatments. We also explore whether these new cancer treatments are safe for children, and outline five things to do when a child is diagnosed with cancer.

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