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Crossroads Japan: Introduction (01:07)


Japan's population is aging while the birth rate is declining; fewer young workers pay for health care and pensions. This video will examine how local communities are coping.

Kamiyama, Tokushima Prefecture (03:42)

Ivan Juarez discusses his projects and connecting with the local culture. The community fights against depopulation by attracting artistic young people. Several businesses have satellite offices in the community.

Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture (02:18)

Issei Suma's designs help make the town more livable for senior citizens. The layout of the Jikkas takes aging into consideration.

Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture (02:34)

Japan's workforce shrinks as the population ages; closing the gender gap may be a solution. Yuka Mitsuhata creates clothes that allow women to discreetly breastfeed; she encourages employees to bring their children to work.

Tokachi, Hokkaido Prefecture (03:09)

Agriculture is the main industry. Three women who are relatively new to farming manage Tokachi Girls Farm; they hope to encourage more young women.

Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture (03:35)

Tourism may help boost Japan's economy. Jun Yamadera collects environmental data while riding a bike; the wheels display advertisements. Yamadera hopes to help the area rebuild.

Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture (02:29)

The city has a long history as a transportation hub; a museum commemorates Polish immigrants. Although Japan is resistant to immigration, Tsuruga embraces tourism.

Kojima, Okayama Prefecture (03:20)

The home of Japanese jeans hosts high end labels and attracts tourists; Big John is the first local brand. Older denim weavers mentor younger people. The Jean Street Project hosts 35 denim shops.

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Crossroads Japan

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The nation of Japan is at a crossroads. It’s no secret that the country is getting older while its workforce is getting smaller, and that means fewer young workers to pay for things like pensions and healthcare. But this intersection of unprecedented challenges could potentially lead to new opportunities. We've crisscrossed the country to find out how communities are coping. Together, they could create a roadmap for dealing with this demographic dilemma.

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