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Brazil's Black Genocide (03:48)


A cross-section of Brazilians share details of their circumstances. Sao Paolo native Zilda Maria de Paula, 65, describes her own medical issues and refers to her 34-year-old son who “never gave anyone any trouble.”

Teens Describe Police Brutality (02:59)

Black teenagers describe their experiences with police brutality. Guilherme, 18, says he was pepper sprayed and beaten with batons. Cicero Hugo Nunes de Lima, 17, describes “the most humiliating moment of my life,” and Mikael says police forced him to immerse himself in water before zapping him with a Taser.

Extrajudicial Executions and Other Human Rights Violations (05:43)

The National Truth Commission described systematic violations of human rights in its 2014 report: arbitrary detention, torture, extrajudicial executions, disappearances, and concealment of victims’ bodies. De Paula reveals that her son was one of 10 people shot by police in a single incident. Amara Jose de Silva, 51, describes the circumstances that led to the police killing his 17-year-old son, Mattheu.

Brazil's Racial History (03:04)

Activist Valdenia Paulino draws a direct line between slavery and the genocide of poor, black youth in her country. A young black man dies every 23 minutes in Brazil and is 12 times more likely to be murdered than white youth, according to the United Nations. Edmilson, 29, recalls being racially profiled and terrorized by police.

Tortured by the Police (03:43)

Hebert Douglas, 22, says police made him insert his genitals into an anthill when he was 15, causing a painful, allergic reaction. A young woman says she was arrested for trafficking, beaten, and held at gunpoint. A young man describes three beatings that resulted in a broken chin, ankle, and fingers.

Fatal "Police Interventions" (05:31)

The Brazilian Forum on Public Security reports that 3,345 people were killed during “police interventions” in 2015. Amnesty International says that only one out of 220 police killings examined over a 4-year period led to an officer being charged. Paulino explains that Brazil’s parliament concluded there was on ongoing genocide in 2015.

Credits: What in the World (Series 2): Brazil (00:44)

Credits: What in the World (Series 2): Brazil

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This episode looks at state violence, state complicity in the execution of their own people and highlights how young, black males are singled out, targeted and quite often shot. This militarism is becoming the norm as a way of dealing with the poor. Nine people, all victims of violence and their relatives, all from the favelas of Sao Paulo, reflect on how police violence has shaped their lives.

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