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Seymourpowell (04:29)


Richard Seymour and Dick Powell create the top design consultancy to focus on design innovation. Design can be a strategic tool for senior managers. See products for the Aroma Company and Design Against Crime Initiative.

James Dyson (04:54)

The vacuum and research center is a hub of scientific and economic activity; the Dual Cyclone revolutionizes vacuum design. Models reveal the evolution of vacuum cleaners. Designers work on washing machine concepts and robotic vacuums.

Icetec (02:47)

The South Korean company produces self-cooling cans that cool contents upon opening. The technology is cost effective and has the same environmental impact as aluminum cans; POSCO helps with research and development.

Ruben Vidal (02:43)

Vidal's collapsible bicycle can be carried in a backpack. Argentina's collapsing economy prevents the product's success.

U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (02:46)

Officials consider adding color to treasury notes to help prevent counterfeiting. Designers work on proposals to enhance currency design. The U.S. Secret Service hunts forgers.

Citroen Deux Chevaux (04:02)

The automobile has become a cult vehicle. Restorer Philippe Royen takes advantage of the niche market. Workers rebuild 2CVs.

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This video present different aspects of design and how they are applied in the design of common items. It looks at a school that applies design concepts to problem solving, examines James Dyson's invention of a bagless vacuum cleaner, discusses the design of a self-cooling drink can, shows a bike that comes apart and can be carried in a backpack, presents design techniques for stopping the counterfeiting of American money, and examines the design of the 2 CV motor vehicle.

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