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Prison to Prostitution Cycle (03:44)


Former correctional officer John Meekins says Orlando is a sex-trafficking hub due to Disney World. Richard Rawls recruited inmates from a women's jail and forced them into prostitution. Survivor Kate describes how he tricked and then threatened her.

Sex-Trafficking in the U.S. (03:24)

Pimp-controlled prostitution is characterized by violence, manipulation, and coercion. Survivor Nikki Bell's background of abuse and addiction contributed to her becoming a prostitute in Massachusetts. She shows mug shots of her arrests and recalls feeling dehumanized.

Surviving Sex-Trafficking (02:31)

In Chicago, domestic violence led Marian Hatcher to drug use and prostitution; she abandoned her family. Many women are arrested while under a pimp's control. She visits the site of her arrest; she has been sober for 14 years.

Becoming a Sex-Trafficking Target (02:56)

Once arrested and charged, women's personal data is published online. Pimps send letters trying to establish a relationship. At a Massachusetts prison, Bell works with inmates to help them avoid the trap.

Sex-Traffickers Infiltrating Prisons (02:30)

Anyone can send money to inmates through the prison bank system. Jill receives money and letters from men trying to recruit her into prostitution. She describes being incarcerated as a lonely and isolating experience.

Interviews with Pimps (02:44)

Convicted sex-traffickers Anthony Harris and Jasmine Johnson confirm the routine recruitment of women from prisons. Harris describes boyfriend, druggie, gorilla and finesse pimp categories.

Sex-Trafficking Trap (03:44)

Bell explains that women involved in prostitution are criminalized, unable to find work, and compelled to continue sex work. Meekins tried to warn authorities about Rawls picking up women released from prison.

Returning to the Streets (02:51)

Kate went home from prison with Rawls because she had nowhere else to go; he supplied her with crack and forced her back into prostitution. She revisits the corner where she was exploited.

One Woman Safety Net (02:52)

Bell sees women recently released from prison back on the street. She runs a drop-in center providing clothing and food for sex workers. They hope to leave the cycle of drug abuse and prostitution someday.

Starting Over (04:16)

Bell is now married and has a baby. Hatcher has returned to her family and helps other women to leave prostitution. She received services and support in prison, but many women across America are trapped in the sex-trafficking cycle.

Credits: The Trap: The Deadly Sex-Trafficking Cycle In American Prisons (00:26)

Credits: The Trap: The Deadly Sex-Trafficking Cycle In American Prisons

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The Trap: The Deadly Sex-Trafficking Cycle In American Prisons

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The Trap investigates how prisons and jails across the United States have become recruiting grounds for human traffickers, who are targeting incarcerated women and trafficking them out of correctional facilities and into pimp-controlled prostitution.

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