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"White Man's Burden" (05:49)


In addition to being a singer, actor, and producer, Harry Belafonte is also a political activist. Thaddeus Thomas is a wealthy factory owner that believes white people are genetically inferior. Violence will sink the global community.

Political Activism (07:00)

Belafonte is concerned about struggles in Central Africa, particularly Zaire and Rwanda. The French stimulate the violence, destabilize the region, and support the factions. Belafonte explains how Africans charted stars, made art, furthered education, and created empires while white people lived as cannibals.

O.J. Simpson Aftermath (03:19)

America refuses to fully discuss the issue of race and find a solution that might work. There will not be harmony without understanding. Belafonte believes blacks and whites can reconcile and live in harmony.

Keeping Races Apart (09:33)

Polarizing races benefits social goals. Racism and economics are linked; there is always a threat of a race war. Belafonte shares how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr worried that America had lost its moral vision. (Credits)

Credits: White Man's Burden (00:20)

Credits: White Man's Burden

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White Man's Burden

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In this program from Tony Brown's Journal,Harry Belafonte discusses his role in 1995’s most provocative film White Man’s Burden and his commitment to the human rights struggle worldwide.

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