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Pioneer: Inaccurate Depiction (03:50)


American culture is an amalgamation of talents from ethnicities around the world. The cowboy emerged as the American Hero and was usually depicted as white; African American cowboys numbered in the thousands. James Beckwourth founded Denver and led settlers to the gold rush.

Pioneer: Notable Black Cowboys (03:27)

Approximately one-third to one-quarter of cowboys were black men. More freedom and less segregation existed in the West; 25 African American communities were established in Oklahoma between 1890 and 1910. Native Americans accepted frontiersmen into their tribes.

Pioneer: Infantry and Cavalry Dispatched (03:10)

Black soldiers faced more hostility from white settlers than Native Americans. Buffalo soldiers boasted the lowest desertion rate in the frontier army; African Americans received several military decorations during the Indian Wars. Bill Pickett invented the cowboy sport of bulldogging; Tom Mix and Will Rogers assisted the rodeo star.

Patriot: Early History (03:56)

Colonists refused to allow blacks to join the militia or army during the American Revolution until the British announced they would free slaves in exchange for military service. During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln resisted emancipation and enlisting black soldiers. During World War I, black roles were restricted to labor duty; the 369th Infantry Division was the first African American unit to see combat.

Patriot: World War II, Korean and Vietnam Wars (03:50)

The military took steps to reduce discrimination in the armed forces; black servicewomen experienced bigotry. President Harry Truman issued the order to end segregation in 1948. The 24th infantry took Yechon during the Korean War but rumors of ineptness surfaced.

Entertainer: The Harlem Renaissance (07:58)

During the mid-1930s, the Apollo Theater emerged as the premiere showcase for African American talent. Stars included Louis Armstrong, Noble Sissle, Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, Lena Horne, Billy Holiday and Duke Ellington.

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Credits: Slice of Americana

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America, an urban mosaic—a gleaning thread of world history woven by the influence of cultures from around the globe. An amalgamation of ethnic talents that produced what is now the richest and most powerful nation in the free world. And while diversity can be cited as a defining factor in the American experience, no group is more unique than the Black American. U. S. citizens who have contributed tremendously but at the same time have been reviled and revered, heralded and hunted. This program from Tony Brown's Journal gives a glimpse of the Black American legacy and its role in the creation of these United States.

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