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19.1 Language Functions (04:35)


Comparing and contrasting examples include: comparing options, clarifying differences, highlighting differences, highlighting similarities, highlighting positives, highlighting negatives, and highlighting contrasts.

19.2 Grammar (02:33)

Examples of "what" as a subject include: clarifying the meaning, describing actions, pointing out what's needed, explaining situations, and stating outcomes.

19.3 Idioms (03:22)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "see eye to eye," "in the same boat," "on the same page," "great minds think alike," and "on the totem pole."

19.4 Vocabulary (01:16)

Examples of vocabulary words include: adapt, fluent, a plus, ambitions, desires, wants, and needs.

19.5 Pronunciation (02:27)

Learn the sound of "TH." Words with "TH" include: the, teeth, there, something, empathy, that, healthy, and worthwhile.

Credits: Comparing and Contrasting: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Comparing and Contrasting: English at Work

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Learn to compare and contrast people and situations, and to use "what" as the subject of the sentence rather than as a question.

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