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What is Gender? (04:32)


Shannon Greene, a teacher at the Grove Community School in Toronto, Canada talks about the complex relationship she has had with gender since childhood. Several school children share what they have learned about what gender is or is not.

Gender Stereotype Workshops (05:58)

The school offers several workshops which they say challenge gender stereotypes and discuss what gender binary is and talk about discrimination. Staff members at the school make it a point to talk about feminism and tell stories that show women in nontraditional roles.

Effects of Affirming Gender (05:40)

A teacher discusses what gender affirmation theory is and shares his opinions on how it will affect the children in his classroom. The school children discuss how the different terms within the realm of gender are formally defined.

Gender Within Family (05:48)

Principal Wilma Verhagen notes that if adults at the school stay within traditional gender roles, the children begin to mimic that behavior. She believes a social justice piece, something some of the other teachers already do, should be added to the health curriculum.

Future of Canadian Education (02:49)

The children along with a musician sing songs about equality and inclusion and dance happily around their classroom.

Credits: Nature Dazzles (01:50)

Credits: Nature Dazzles

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In this documentary, children and teachers were interviewed at The Grove Community School in Toronto during Gender Splendor week in April 2017. The film shows the children engaged in workshops designed for both non-binary-conforming and cisgender-identifying children. The workshops provide them with tools to ponder, question, and defy gender stereotypes prevalent in society, culture, and the media. Suggesting that this progressive approach should be adopted in all schools to increase awareness of violence against LGBT children and teens, the goal of the film is to sensitize viewers to the struggles this group of children experiences in the educational system.

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