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Weather Happens (02:23)


Weather happens every day and extreme weather can be dangerous. Weather is what is happening in the atmosphere; scientists who study it are called meteorologists.

What Makes Weather? (04:00)

Air, water, and heat make weather happen in the troposphere. Rising warm air and sinking cold air create weather like wind and rain. Learn about the water cycle.

Clouds (01:13)

Clouds are masses of water droplets in the atmosphere. Three types are cirrus, cumulus, and stratus. Fog occurs when stratus clouds move close to the ground.

Storms (02:29)

Water falling from clouds is called precipitation. It falls in different forms depending on temperature. Hurricanes are violent storms that form over water; tornadoes form over land.

Climate Patterns (02:45)

Climates are weather patterns for a certain places. Climate depends on how far a place is from the equator. Places in the temperate zone experience four seasons.

Credits: Weather (00:22)

Credits: Weather

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Weather affects our lives in many ways. Often, we take how much we rely on knowing and understanding the weather for granted. All living things must be able to adapt to the weather conditions in their region in order to live successfully. We will be more prepared to understand just what a powerful force it really is by understanding the various weather phenomena. This weather program highlights different forms of weather and introduces the concepts and reasons for various weather patterns. Examples and explanations are given throughout the program using real-life situations relating to the cause of a specific weather pattern. The layers of the atmosphere, air currents and pressure, water cycle, clouds, storms, and climates are the concepts covered in the video. After viewing Weather, students will be able to use identified vocabulary appropriately when speaking and writing, name the layers of the atmosphere, explain the causes and effects of air currents and air pressure, explain the process of the water cycle, identify different types of clouds and precipitation, and discuss the features of the three climate zones.

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