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Drone Hobbyists (03:18)


Drone pilots experience races in a first-person. A tiny camera films from the drone's point-of-view and sends it to specially made goggles. The largest drone race occurred in Dubai. (Credits)

Recent Innovations (03:14)

Scientists at the Graz University of Technology are teaching drones to see and exploring was to diminish its size. The machine can calculate depth values from two images.

Future Innovations (06:00)

Amazon plans to deliver packages to customers within a half hour. Martina Mara describes how manufacturers need to incorporate techniques to make individuals feel they have a sense of personal control. Alec Momont wants to create a network of rescue drones to provide first aid in the event of an emergency.

Potential Ramifications to Drones (07:37)

Drones can perform espionage, smuggle items, and perform attacks. Eagles are being trained in the Netherlands to intercept and destroy drones. Defense systems are being created to pick up suspicious drone activity.

Credits: Drones Conquer the Sky (00:16)

Credits: Drones Conquer the Sky

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This episode of Newton describes recent innovations to drone technology. Topics include usage, benefits, and drawbacks. 

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