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Endangered Species (02:51)


Hector Orlando Portillo watched scarlet macaws with the Miskito community. Poachers travel to Jamaica, Belize, and Roatan to sell the birds. The United Nations works to create a station to monitor the animals and plants in the area.

Scarlet Macaws (02:33)

Experts estimate there are 4,000 macaws left in the Americas. Researchers investigate nests to determine whether there are interventions conservationists can perform. Activists left a lasso and a poacher stole it, apprehending baby birds.

Tagging Birds (02:43)

Lorakim Joyner examines a baby bird to ensure it is healthy. Miskito people believe a mythological being owns the forest.

Interest in Conservation (04:52)

Tomas Manzanares Ruiz stopped hunting and began conservation; he was shot by three strangers. After his hospital discharge, Ruiz and his wife stayed in Puerto Lempira. Miskitos explain why they are targets.

Helping Miskitos (02:44)

Miskitos do not recognize private land. People from Rus Rus believe the land is sacred and use it in a sustainable manner.

Protected Species (04:28)

It is forbidden to trap or trade scarlet macaws. The military confiscates five chicks that were malnourished, dehydrated, and stressed. Joyner cares for the wounded animals.

Credits: Free Flight (00:24)

Credits: Free Flight

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Free Flight is a documentary on the Miskito people of Honduras and their attempt to save their natural resources, especially the scarlet macaw, from land-grabbers and poachers intent on destroying them. The Miskitos believe that every animal and tree in the forest is an individual whom they must take pains not to offend. They are the beneficiaries of a United Nations grant, but what effect will this have on their worldview? Can they preserve their culture, their language, and their macaws, who play an important role in the ecosystem and also symbolize freedom for them? Shot on location at the Miskito Coast where both the birds and the native inhabitants are fighting imminent extinction.

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