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Eyes Off Road (04:21)


Autoliv is developing a system to address distracted driving, the cause of two-thirds of car accidents. The system detects when a driver is looking away too long, and gives a warning beep. An infrared light shines on the driver's face while a camera detects eye movement.

Head-Up Display (03:37)

The head-up display, developed by Continental, provides a navigation screen on the windshield, which also shows speed and distance from the next car. It uses a projector-like unit which reflects and enlarges images onto the windshield.

Partially Autonomous Driving (03:58)

To avoid hitting obstacles in the road, a car needs an internal map with set destination, sensors to detect obstacles, and software to steer, accelerate, and stop. This Autoliv system only works at low speeds, but can protect against distracted or poor driving.

Distronic Plus (03:28)

Mercedes-Benz developed an optional autonomous system that can function at high speeds. Radars in the car detect surroundings and maintain safe distances from other cars. It also has a stereo camera to detect lanes and steer.

Self-Driving Car (04:36)

In a low-speed traffic environment, the Distronic Plus system uses the car ahead to maintain speed and position. Even though it could reduce accidents by 90%, fully autonomous driving is currently not legal because liability is unclear. An autonomous car using over 30 technologies made a successful journey through Germany.

Luxury of Safe Technology (02:06)

The S500 autonomous car is in its development stage and may enable a future without car accidents. Michael van Ratingen predicts that new partially autonomous technologies will spread quickly in wealthy countries. Most of these safety features are only available in expensive cars, but safety should be standard and affordable.

Credits: How Safe is Your Car? Part 2 (00:32)

Credits: How Safe is Your Car? Part 2

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From cars that will detect drowsy drivers to cars that will decelerate on their own—what kind of technology is being invented that will keep us safe on the roads? We find out with unique access to Volvo’s laboratories in Sweden, and experts from Mercedes in Germany. Part Two.

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