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Car Accident Analysis (02:51)


Every day, thousands die from car accidents, but Sweden's roads have the fewest car-related fatalities. Volvo collects information from accidents and analyzes every situation involving a fatality. If a Volvo is involved in an accident, it often comes to the company's research center for analysis.

Car Composition and Safety (04:03)

In response to car accident analysis, Volvo altered car composition to include more boron. Justin Bratton tests Volvo's safest model, the XC90. A run-off-road collision is the most dangerous and fatal type of crash.

Reducing Effects of an Accident (03:11)

Anders Axelson developed a car accident simulator with a robotic arm that mimics the high acceleration of a car crash. When sensors in the XC90 notice the car is off-road, seat belts tighten and the seat recedes to absorb forces, diminishing the risk of spinal injuries.

Investment in Car Safety (05:43)

Gothenburg went from having the highest rate of car accidents in Sweden, to the fewest. The Euro NCAP rates cars for safety. The Volvo XC90 avoids hitting pedestrians through a radar and camera system which can trigger the brakes.

Torricelli Brake (04:05)

The Volvo auto-braking system only works at low speeds; risk of pedestrian death is greater at higher speeds. Braking distance increases exponentially as speed increases. Autoliv developed a system to reduce braking distance by creating a vacuum between a plate and the ground.

Credits: How Safe is Your Car? Episode 1 (00:29)

Credits: How Safe is Your Car? Episode 1

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From cars that will detect drowsy drivers to cars that will decelerate on their own—what kind of technology is being invented that will keep us safe on the roads? We find out with unique access to Volvo’s laboratories in Sweden, and experts from Mercedes in Germany.

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