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Sense of Touch (06:45)


Dr. James Teh studies how senses allow people to experience the world, especially touch. He developed a T-vest which simulates touch and calms anxiety. People with sensory processing disorders especially benefit from a calming sensation.

T-Vest (06:04)

Teh invented a vest which provides deep pressure therapy, similar to a hug from a loved one, communicating love and assurance. The feeling is calming, and provides patients with a sensation to focus on. The pressure sends signals to the dorsal column, overriding feelings of discomfort such as anxiety.

Repairing Eyesight (03:27)

A genetic condition that breaks down retina cells caused Larry Hessler to go blind. Dr. Paul Hahn surgically implanted the Argus II, a prosthetic that stimulates the retina, which sends light signals to the brain. A small camera on glasses connects to the microchips on the implant.

Simulating Taste (04:59)

Dr. Nimesha Ranasinghe explains that as a pleasurable sensation, taste motivates humans to obtain nutrition for the body. Each of the 10,000 taste buds can detect 5 different categories of tastes. For people with diminished sense of taste, malnutrition can be a concern, so Ranasinghe developed a digital spoon and water bottle to simulate tastes.

Credits: It's Making Sense (00:24)

Credits: It's Making Sense

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Our sense of touch, taste, and sight help us live meaningful lives, but what would happen if we lost them? Can new inventions mimic the functions of the human senses?

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