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Dieting Goggles (08:28)


Obesity rates have doubled around the world since 1980. Employers in Japan measure employees' waistlines, and those over the limit pay a fine. Michitaka Hirose designed goggles which enlarge the appearance of foods, making people eat less.

Aspire Assist (06:38)

Two out of three Americans are overweight or obese. Kathy Crowthall and her team have developed a tube which is inserted in the patient's stomach to remove a portion of every meal. Though the device has received criticism, Crowthall argues that a weight loss tool is essential, and this one is effective.

Body Information Sensor (06:58)

A large percentage of people are overweight in the UK as well. McLaren is applying their race car efficiency techniques to human bodies. Stephen Rose describes the sensors which monitor body information, and Justin Bratton tries one for a week, learning a lot from the analysis.

Credits: Size Matters (00:24)

Credits: Size Matters

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Losing weight is never easy; it takes patience, time, and a lot of effort. With 40% of the global population overweight, is there a solution to this weighty issue?

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