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Robotic Hand (04:58)


Humans have a long history of making artificial limbs, but commercial artificial limbs today are costly and not sufficiently advanced. Easton LaChappelle has been developing a robotic hand since he was a teenager, using simple materials and mechanisms. Using a glove with microchips and sensors, he can control the movements of an artificial hand.

Controlling a Prosthetic With the Mind (05:37)

LaChappelle developed his robotic hand further with more advanced functions. He uses a modeling software and 3-D printer to produce precise parts. He created a headset that senses facial expressions and signals in the motor cortex to move the hand.

Regenerative Medicine (04:36)

Dr. Anthony Atala grows organs in his lab to supplement the shortage of organ donors. Atala discusses regeneration in nature and speculates on the possibilities for humans. He created a gallbladder using a patient's stem cells and a printer, which printed cells instead of ink.

Artificial Airway (05:50)

Ian Orbich was born with tracheobronchomalacia, which obstructs his breathing; a new surgery and implant saved his life. Glenn Green developed a surgery to implant an artificial airway splint to support the trachea. Scott Hollister modeled the splint on the trachea and used a material that could adapt in the body.

Credits: Replaceable Me (00:24)

Credits: Replaceable Me

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In the future, we will create human organs that are as good as their biological counterparts, and technology is making a breakthrough in replacing them.

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