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Telenoid (05:22)


Justin Bratton visits Akihabara in Tokyo, where stores sell various kinds of robots. He seeks a robot as a friend and finds Telenoid, which provides a physical counterpart to a long-distance conversation. Often a companion for elderly people, Telenoid helps them communicate with caregivers and family.

Pepper (06:47)

Robot creation started in 1920s Japan with Gakutensoku using an air pressure system. Now as more people are living alone, especially elderly, Japan has produced the first personal robot. Pepper interacts based on emotions and is designed to make people happy.

Kirobo (04:17)

Kirobo was designed to be a companion to astronauts. Its creator, Tomotaka Takahashi hopes that everyone will eventually have a companion robot. Unlike other objects, a human-like robot with character is easier to talk to.

Kodomoroid and Geminoid (05:21)

Kodomoroid is a human-like robot which functions as a TV newscaster. Hiroshi Ishiguro created a robot that looks and speaks like him, and which he controls remotely. Ishiguro describes his plans to create desire and intention in robots.

Credits: My Robot, My Friend (00:24)

Credits: My Robot, My Friend

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My Robot, My Friend

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In Japan, robots are being developed to become man’s best friend. These robots are called personal companion robots. They are not designed to do our chores, but to communicate with us in an intelligent way.

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