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Introduction: Hellfire Nation (01:47)


The Founding Fathers insisted on the separation of Church and State. Mobeen Azhar will investigate how the Christian Right breached the barrier in the U.S.

American Redoubt Preppers (03:35)

Donald Trump becomes president in 2017. Many Americans are moving to Montana to prepare for Armageddon. Azhar attempts to speak with "preppers" but they ask him to leave.

American Redoubt Movement (05:29)

Theresa Mondale specializes in selling property to preppers. Chuck Baldwin discusses the mindset of those in the movement and the role of church and government in America; the philosophy behind the movement is a reaction.

Religious Revivalism (02:07)

Prof. James Morone discusses the historical and cultural context of revivalism; the American Redoubt Movement is a manifestation of "City on a Hill." The evangelical city does not tolerate other faiths or anti-Christian lifestyles.

Hutaree Christian Militia (08:42)

The American Redoubt Movement rejects corrupt values of modern America; some evangelicals push acts of hate. David Stone discusses the End Times and persecution of Christianity. Morone considers why groups like Redoubt and Hutaree feel the need to arm against the government.

Creationism vs. Evolution (06:22)

Answers in Genesis advocates a literal interpretation of the Bible. The Creation Museum presents interpretations as fact, rejects evolution by natural selection, and touts the moral decay of America; faith and politics are intertwined. Ken Ham states the Bible is a book of historical science.

Christianity vs. Science (05:42)

Jay Labov discusses teaching creationism in school and the Creationist Museum's presentation of science. Young Earth Creationists built an Ark to biblical specifications. Science in the 21st century is challenged.

Religiosity in U.S. Politics (05:46)

The U.S. is a secular state but conducts itself as a Christian nation; Morone believes the paradox was established when the nation was founded. The Cold War initiated a revival of Christian values. American government uses biblical law to justify global political strategy.

Secularism vs. Religion (04:04)

Americans United for Separation of Church and State works to keep religion out of government; Rob Boston examines the language of the First Amendment. The changing culture bothers some conservative fundamentalist Christians.

Changing Culture (03:48)

Trump was inaugurated in 2017. Azhar considers why Christian Evangelicals supported Trump and whether Christian influence will become more significant in politics.

Credits: The Hellfire Nation (00:25)

Credits: The Hellfire Nation

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Award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar travels the length and breadth of the United States to discover how the resurgent Christian right has gained momentum since the election of Donald Trump, posing an increasing threat to America’s long-standing secularist traditions. The Founding Fathers of the United States insisted on a wall of separation between Church and State. However radical evangelical beliefs are still a potent force in the country today and continue to influence how many Americans see their nation’s destiny, with some people holding onto the idea that they are leading the world for, and in the name of, God. Mobeen Azhar investigates how the Christian right is breaking through this wall, denouncing other faiths and capitalizing on Donald Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again” in order to further their own religious agenda.

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