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Tourism in Egypt (08:06)


Following the Arab Spring uprising, tourism greatly decreased in Egypt. The decrease also harmed restoration efforts, which were mainly funded by tourist activities.

Travel Tips: Airplane Hotels (03:34)

Decommissioned airplanes usually end up in metal scrap yards, but some have been turned into hotels. One was turned into a 27-room hostel, while others are 5-star single room hotels.

Don't Go There: Water Quality (01:03)

Water quality can vary widely at different American beaches. Malibu Pier in Los Angeles and Beachwood Beach in New Jersey are the worst offenders.

Hidden Gems: Baja, Mexico (05:55)

The Valley of Guadalupe is on the largest producers of wine in Mexico. One winery offers horseback tours through the nearby vineyards. High-end dining has recently gained popularity in the area.

Travel Tips: Basic Airline Etiquette (02:14)

A travel expert explains basic rules all travelers should follow. Some forms of airline etiquette are about respecting privacy and comfort of others.

Travel Tips: Bargaining (00:52)

Travel expert Peter Greenberg explains the best way to bargain in markets abroad. Some vendors will only accept certain types of credit cards.

Excess Baggage: Vacation Time (01:19)

Many Americans do not use all the vacation time they are offered at work. One reason is the fear that something will happen at work without them there.

Credits: Egypt Tourism (Episode 208) (00:43)

Credits: Egypt Tourism (Episode 208)

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Egypt Tourism (Episode 208)

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Peter Greenberg explains how travel and tourism flatlined in Egypt and how it impacted the country.

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