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Building a Mega Resort (06:57)


Baha Mar is a $3.5 billion mega resort planned for the Bahamas. The resort was carefully designed to ensure the greatest profits. Baha Mar declared bankruptcy with the resort unfinished after it ran out of money.

Feature: Unaccompanied Minors (03:28)

Children traveling alone are considered unaccompanied minors and given an airline chaperone for their trip. Third party companies can be hired to care for children during connections. A travel expert explains what can go wrong and what parents can do.

Don't Go There: Worst Environmental Conditions (00:59)

Tourist destinations were the majority of the native population lives in poverty have poor environmental conditions. Trash and illegal dumping are the worst in Panama and India.

Hotels With a Past: Raffles Hotel (04:38)

The Raffles Hotel was founded in Singapore 130 years ago by British colonists. The hotel attracted famous writers, celebrities, politicians, and royalty.

Travel Tips: Flatulence on Airplanes (01:45)

Research shows that flatulence is more common on air travel than on the ground. When pressure drops in the airplane cabin, gases within people expand. Airlines have installed filters in their air conditioners to absorb odors.

Giving Back: Loggerhead Sea Turtles (04:19)

Loggerhead sea turtles mate and nest on the beaches in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The Loggerhead Sea Turtle Protection Program protects the nests from damage and helps newly hatched turtles make it to the water. Visitors can volunteer with the sea turtle and other programs in Hilton Head.

Excess Baggage: Food on Airplanes (00:48)

Airlines have worked to improve their food options, but many passengers buy food in the airport for their flight. Travel expert Peter Greenberg gives tips on what food to bring.

Credits: Constructing A Mega Resort (Episode 207) (00:38)

Credits: Constructing A Mega Resort (Episode 207)

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Constructing A Mega Resort (Episode 207)

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Go behind the scenes to witness the construction of one of the biggest resorts of all-time: the Baha Mar in the Bahamas.

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