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Back of the House Staff (04:21)


The back of the house staff at hotels and airports are meant to make the stay comfortable without being seen or noticed. Author David Zweig wrote a book outlining the many jobs performed by back of the house workers.

Travel Tips: Flying (01:36)

About 25 percent of the cost of flying goes to jet fuel. Domestic flights cannot let fuel costs affect ticket prices but international flights can. Chicago, Honolulu, and San Francisco have some of the highest parking costs and car thefts.

Don't Go There: Parking Prices (01:15)

Chicago, Honolulu, and San Francisco have some of the highest parking costs and car thefts.

Hidden Gems: Wisconsin (06:51)

Eleven Native American nations live in Wisconsin. Many have pow-wows and community events that visitors are welcome to attend. The natural landscapes of reserves and national parks are accessible by boat.

Travel Tips: Allergies While Traveling (01:40)

People with severe allergies are at risk of exposure while traveling. Travelers should take precautions with airplane food and in new restaurants and locations.

Hotels With a Past: Corinthia London Hotel (06:06)

The site of the current Corinthia started as a hotel during the Victorian Era. It housed government offices during World War I and the British spy agency during World War II. Its reconstruction was one of the city's largest projects in the last decade.

Excess Baggage: Choosing Airline Seats (01:06)

Online seating charts for airline tickets sometimes do not show all the available seats. By calling the airline, passengers can find better seating options.

Credits: The Invisibles (Episode 206) (00:40)

Credits: The Invisibles (Episode 206)

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