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Premium Airline Seats (06:04)


The airline industry has increased the number of amenities the come with booking a business or first class seat. Travelers are more willing to pay for premium seats on international flights.

Travel Tips: Public Art in Airports (01:23)

Many airports have public art installations and art galleries to help travelers relax during connections and delays. Since the 1980s, airport terminals have been redesigned to have high ceilings, atriums, and artwork. JFK, Dallas Fort Worth, and Miami have the longest customs wait lines of American airports.

Don't Go There: Long Lines (00:42)

JFK, Dallas Fort Worth, and Miami have the longest customs wait lines of American airports.

Hidden Gems: Hilton Head Island (08:40)

Hilton Head Island is a beach resort community in South Carolina. A shrimp boat offers visitors the chance to catch their own shrimp and learn about the area's marine life. Visitors can ride horses through Sea Pines Nature Preserve.

Travel Tips: Train Travel (01:49)

The United States is behind other countries in terms of rail travel, which can be slow and costly. Many people experience motion sickness on trains and should start with shorter trips before long ones.

Feature: Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (03:21)

Raising falcons is an important part of Abu Dhabi's cultural history. Watch as falcons get their nails and beaks trimmed. They have their own passports and are allowed to rides in the passenger cabins of Arab airlines.

Excess Baggage: Spirit's Hate Survey (01:02)

Spirit has been rated the most hated airline in American multiple times. The company conducted a survey to see what passengers hated most about airlines and air travel.

Credits: Over The Top Airline Seats (Episode 205) (00:39)

Credits: Over The Top Airline Seats (Episode 205)

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Peter highlights some luxurious, over-the-top airline seats. Plus, if you think Hilton Head, South Carolina offers nothing but golf and time shares, you might want to think again.

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