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Menu Engineering (05:52)


Restaurant menus are designed to sell customers what the restaurant would like them to buy. Menu engineering uses graphic design and basic psychology.

Travel Tips: Spending Money (02:41)

Banks and credit card companies can have fees for travelers. Travelers should research the best ways to get money aboard and avoid travel fees. Gas prices can vary widely from place to place. Hawaii, Alaska, and California usually have the highest gas prices.

Hidden Gems: Busch Gardens Williamsburg (05:22)

Busch Gardens amusement park is just outside of Colonial Williamsburg. The city has a thriving wine scene with numerous wineries offering daily tastings.

Travel Tips: Planning Group Travel (02:39)

A travel expert gives advice on how to affordable book rooms for group travel. She explains the difference between a social block contract and attrition when reserving large numbers of hotel rooms.

Hotels With a Past: Corinthia (05:43)

The Corinthia Palace Hotel was built 100 years ago as a private mansion for a government official. It was first turned into an upscale restaurant. A hotel was added after Malta’s independence from Great Britain.

Excess Baggage: Annoying Passengers (00:43)

A recent survey ranked the most annoying behaviors on airplanes. Travel expert Peter Greenberg explains what passengers can do to remedy the behaviors.

Credits: Dark Science of Menu Engineering (Episode 204) (00:42)

Credits: Dark Science of Menu Engineering (Episode 204)

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Dark Science Of Menu Engineering (Episode 204)

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The next time you go out to eat at a restaurant, whether it's at Denny's or a 5 Star establishment, do you have any idea what you're going to order, before you get there? Probably not. However, the restaurant might know! CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg introduces us to the brave new world of menu engineering.

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