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Boating Safety (03:34)


There are hundreds of boating fatalities every year. Boating accidents can happen because of quick weather changes or unsafe drivers. It is important to have safety equipment during a boating trip.

Travel Tips: Flying Etiquette (01:08)

A flight attendant explains proper etiquette for airplane passengers. Behavior that is disruptive to other passengers can be dangerous.

Don't Go There: Tourist Destinations (02:12)

Many tourist destinations are overcrowded, which can make them less enjoyable. Some tourist destinations are far away from major cities and difficult to get to.

Hidden Gems: Monaco (07:05)

Monaco is in the French Rivera and home to more billionaires that anywhere in the world. It has numerous luxury hotels, restaurants, and casinos.

Giving Back: Sea Turtle Conservation (03:14)

Tortuga Aruba is a conservation group that protects sea turtles. Volunteers collect waste and marine debris from the ocean and beaches.

Hotels With a Past: Kingsmill Resort (04:29)

Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia is on land important to colonial American history. Kingsmill was part of the Virginia colony and home to a tobacco plantation.

Excess Baggage: Air Travel Complaints (01:26)

Travel expert Peter Greenberg airs frustrations about air travel. He tackles de-icing and waiting for a jetway.

Credits: Boating Safety (Episode 202) (00:38)

Credits: Boating Safety (Episode 202)

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Boating Safety (Episode 202)

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Boating can be an enjoyable pastime, but boating safety is no joke. Here's what you should know before getting out on the water.

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