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Flight Safety Awareness (05:30)


British Airways opens their flight safety training facility to the public. Visitors can practice what would happen in an emergency situation.

Travel Tips: Changing Airline Tickets (02:02)

It can cost hundreds of dollars to change an airline ticket. Travel expert Scott McCartney explains why airlines charge change fees.

Don't Go There: Bad Odors (01:20)

In 2007, Naples, Italy was covered in mounds of trash because of a labor dispute. Other cities have distinctive smells because of large industries in the area.

Hidden Gems: Malta (08:22)

Malta is a small Island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The country has been conquered numerous times and has a wide array of food, art, religions; numerous Catholic Churches are decorated with gold.

Travel Tips: Exercising (01:35)

Exercise routines are frequently neglected while traveling. Hotel front desks can offer alternatives if there is not a gym on site.

Giving Back: Protecting Wild Donkeys (03:13)

The Donkey Sanctuary Aruba opened to protect the wild donkey population on the island. The organization is staffed by volunteers, some of whom are visitors to the island.

Excess Baggage: Between Flights (01:04)

Planes can be delayed at gates because of waste left behind by the previous flight. Cleaning crews must remove waste and clean the plane quickly to ensure flight schedules are kept.

Credits: Training Passengers Like Crew Members (Episode 201) (00:40)

Credits: Training Passengers Like Crew Members (Episode 201)

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Training Passengers Like Crew Members (Episode 201)

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Travel expert Peter Greenberg visits a unique real-world airline safety program in London. Plus, he reveals hidden gems on the island of Malta.

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