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Robotic Help (04:28)


This segment introduces the quest for autonomous robots to help humans with dangerous tasks. Roboticists Dennis Hong, Paul Oh, and Tony Stentz discuss the absence of robots at disaster sites.

Rescue "Bots" (06:26)

In 2013, DARPA challenged 16 teams to build rescue robots that can assist humans during disasters. Gill Pratt discusses the "DARPA HARD" challenge. Some of the largest obstacles robots face are things humans take for granted.

Robotic Mobility (10:08)

Hong believes robots need to be human-shaped to be effective in human environments. One of the DARPA challenge teams is working to develop software for the robot Atlas. Roboticist Jerry Pratt explains the challenge of creating bipedal robots.

Robotic Dexterity (06:27)

To assist rescue workers, a robot needs human-like hands with strength and dexterity. Siddhartha Srinivasa explains how humans evolved to interact with the world through their hands. Armando De La Rosa and Rich Walker are trying to develop a robotic hand with human capabilities.

Job Automation (02:28)

Gary Marcus is concerned robots will eliminate many jobs for humans. Teresa Ghilarducci believes robots will increase the number of jobs.

Robotic Intelligence (07:37)

The toughest hurdle to making a rescue robot useful is giving it the ability to understand its environment. Eric Meyhofer and his team use motion planning to control their robot remotely. Ayanna Howard discusses robot autonomy.

DARPA Challenge (07:32)

Team leaders reflect on their robots as the challenge approaches. Finalists from around the world meet to complete a series of rescue-related tasks with their rescue bots.

DARPA Finalists (06:49)

After CHIMP becomes the first robot to complete the course, the other teams make an effort to beat its time. Rodney Brooks, Vijay Kumar, and others discuss the future of the field of robotics.

Credits: Rise of the Robots (00:57)

Credits: Rise of the Robots

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Machines with human-like capabilities have long been the stuff of science fiction. Until now. Meet the world's most advanced humanoid robots as they leave the lab, battle real-world challenges, and endeavor to become part of our everyday lives.

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