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International Crimes (02:53)


Benjamin Ferencz advocates for the creation of institutions to deter war crimes. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new world order was thought possible. (Credits)

Balkans: We Were All a Bit Shell Shocked (09:37)

The constituent states of Yugoslavia began warring in 1991; the U.N. deployed peace keepers and established a war crimes tribunal. Natasa Kandic gathered evidence of war crimes and learned about atrocities committed by The Scorpions.

Balkans: Post-Conflict Justice (09:17)

Experts reconstructed and identified human remains at the Podrinje Identification Center. Ratko Mladic, Slobodan Milosevic, and Radovan Karadzic were put on trial. Shortfall has defined the international community's response to crimes against humanity.

Rwanda: There's This One Killer Who Came Back (05:13)

The massacre carried out by the Hutu majority lasted 100 days. Philip Gourevitch learned about the man who terrorized Taba; many killers knew their victims. Taba leaders initially defied orders to kill Tutsi residents.

Rwanda: Post-Genocide (10:19)

Jean-Paul Akayesu was the first defendant on trial at the international tribunal for war crimes. The tribunal ended and elected community members administered local justice.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Fabric of Society (10:59)

The International Criminal Court was established as a permanent jurisdiction. Ferencz delivered closing arguments at the trial of Thomas Lubanga Dyilo. Conflict unleashed an epidemic of sexual violence in Kivu Province.

An Act of Imagination (05:20)

War crime allegations and evidence has dramatically increased in recent years; the International Criminal Court has indicted over 30 people. Justice takes persistence, courage, and political will.

Credits: Dead Reckoning: Episode 3 (00:31)

Credits: Dead Reckoning: Episode 3

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Dead Reckoning: Episode 3

Part of the Series : Dead Reckoning: War, Crime and Justice from WW2 to the War on Terror
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In the third and final hour, we see both the revitalization of postwar justice over two decades and its limitations in confronting the exponential rise in civilian atrocities—sexual violence and genocide—occurring in the Balkans, Rwanda, Congo, Syria, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

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