Historian Jonathan Phillips journeys to the historic sites of early Christianity. Embark on an exciting and visually stunning journey to the beautiful and important historical places of early Christianity, starting from where Christianity was born, growing from a small movement called "The Way" to its eventual place as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Today, Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with over 2 billion followers. Author and distinguished history professor Jonathan Phillips takes a 12,000-mile personal journey through seven countries in Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East to bring this rich history to life. Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine is both an entertaining and enlightening six-hour journey, full of sights and sounds that capture the essence of Christianity's early history and its incredible triumph against all odds. Episodes Include: Birth of a Faith; The Great Missionary; Age of the Apostles; From Apocalypse to Heresies; Pagans and the Cult of Martyrs; Constantine.

Length: 360 minutes

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