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Improving Diversity in Advertising (06:51)


Lisen Stromberg describes the origin of the 3% Conference; it has grown into a movement and effected change in workplace diversity. Diversity improves business by bringing more perspectives to create better innovations. Many clients require diversity in creative teams; they need to allow time for adjustment.

Barriers to Gender Equality (05:21)

Our culture values an unrealistic employee, which is an obstacle for women and millennials. Quotas do not work, and perceptions and hiring are still biased. Leadership needs to want diversity and address issues in retention.

Possibilities in Diversity (08:33)

Immesoete speculates that traditional ad agencies may not adjust for diversity or millennials; businesses may have to restructure. Stromberg describes strategies for recruitment and retention that some companies are trying.

Range of Discrimination (05:44)

Some agencies are changing policies at the top, specifically parental leave. Stromberg sees discrimination of mothers, women of color, and older people as important issues. Older employees bring value as mentors, and are more engaged and productive.

"Work, Pause, Thrive" (06:18)

Stromberg interviewed over 300 women, most of whom felt pressure to reduce or leave work when they had children; companies loose talent and business this way. Agencies are fixing policies and creating environments that are supportive for all employees.

Career Advice for Women (05:42)

Stromberg found that women often do not have a long-term view of their careers because of the possibility of children. Though millennial women are now the most educated, they often have too much student debt to afford childcare.

Path to Success (06:43)

Stromberg reflects on failures she learned from and describes her process of reinvention. She is motivated by curiosity and a desire to make change so others can thrive. Understanding personal values and finding a supportive environment can lead to success.

Credits: A Conversation With Lisen Stromberg: Conversations with Giants (00:26)

Credits: A Conversation With Lisen Stromberg: Conversations with Giants

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COO of the 3% Conference, Lisen Stromberg, joins John to discuss women in leadership, the future of work/life balance, and the importance of diversity in pursuit of better business solutions.

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