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Men's Underwear and Tommy John (07:25)


Josh Dean and John Immesoete reflect on the lack of attention on men's under garments in the media. Dean describes the journey of Tommy John's and how he built his business. The company launched in e-commerce then gained support from prominent figures.

Changing Men's Underwear Advertising (05:46)

Tommy John offered an honest and authentic purpose and background. Advertising for men's underwear was serious and often geared toward women, so Dean sought to change that. He created ads that acknowledged problems with old underwear and showed the comfort of the new product.

Building a Brand in a World of Data (09:25)

Despite the abundance of data, it is challenging to build a brand and connect with customers. Dean stresses the importance of inviting an audience into an exchange and argues that many brands lack quality or connection with customers.

Role of CMO (04:32)

Dean describes his role at Tommy John. He helped create an in-house creative team, which is more efficient and flexible for a smaller company.

In-House Creative Team Versus Ad Agency (08:43)

Immesoete and Dean discuss the pros and cons of managing a brand in-house and working with an outside agency. In-house work is more common with small companies because it allows for faster adaptation and rate of output. An outside agency still brings a valuable perspective, experience, and consistency.

Strongest Work (08:24)

Dean describes his work on the "Big Adjustment" advertisement. He recalls a successful project with Kevin Hart that involved collaboration between multiple creative teams. Dean emphasizes the importance of a supportive and humble culture that recognizes the value of learning from failure.

Credits: A Conversation With Josh Dean: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Josh Dean: Conversations with Giants

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John Immesoete and Josh Dean, CMO of Tommy John, strip down to the branding basics. Watch and discover the importance of having an authentic, provocative, and engaging brand identity in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce.

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