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Stopping Domestic Violence (03:41)


One in five women in Western Europe is beaten. Austria created a new law which evicts the abuser from his or her home until the authorities and partner agree he or she may return. Women share their stories. (Credits)

Obtaining Help (03:30)

Domestic violence affects all economic classes and cultural backgrounds. Sabina decided to go to a safe house after her husband began to abuse their children. Rosa Logar helped get Protection Against Violence law passed in legislation.

Protection Against Violence law (04:17)

Police issued 7,000 eviction orders to abusers in 2007. Watch a reenactment of police intervening on a domestic violence call. Domestic Abuse Intervention Centers counsel women after the incident.

Stopping the Cycle of Violence (02:27)

Doris Täubel-Weinrich describes how the Anti-Violence Protection law has helped victims. Police, family courts, and intervention centers work collaboratively to improve the system. Men's counseling centers hold anti-violence training sessions.

Wolfgang and Sabine's Story (03:29)

Sabine and her children returned home after Wolfgang sought treatment and underwent anti-violence training. Two-thirds of men who follow Austria's protocol stop being abusive.

Preventing Violence (03:29)

Philip Kastenhuber conducts workshops with teenagers to prevent domestic violence. Two dangerous offenders killed their wives after being evicted from their homes. Logar brought the cases to the United Nations' Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women for review.

Credits: Austria: Showing the Red Card (01:23)

Credits: Austria: Showing the Red Card

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Austria: Showing the Red Card

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Each year in Austria, 7,000 cases of domestic violence are reported to the police—and police suspect many more go unreported. Austria is a pioneer in the protection of women with it's Protection Against Violence law, now a decade old. In the words of one of the law's architects, "it shows men the red card." Under the law, police have the power to eject men from their homes, which then become domestic sanctuaries for the women. In most other European countries, it is the battered women who must leave home and find sanctuary in a safe house.

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