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Introduction: Seeing God (02:19)


A woman in Indonesia states that you cannot see Allah. A man in Madagascar ponders if God is among humans or removed from them. A woman in Benin feels God in her heart.

Nature and Divinity (01:54)

A man in Tanzania expresses belief in God because it explains the trajectory of the sun. A woman in Morocco attributes pollination and the Big Bang to God. A man in Sweden states that it is easy to believe in God when surrounded by nature.

Agnosticism and Atheism (04:37)

A woman in France states she is not interested in mysticism. A woman in Siberia describes the soviet regime and the destruction of churches which led to a wave of atheism. A woman in Cuba believes in herself, not God.

Prayer (05:36)

A man in Jerusalem states that God gives you what you deserve. A woman in France describes believing in God when she needs good fortune. A woman in Los Angeles expresses her hesitance in honoring God after she became ill.

Religion and Everyday Life (02:15)

A woman in Turkey never feels alone because of her religion. A woman in Italy states that religion in everyday life is antiquated. A Mexican asylum seeker recounts being ill as a child and promising to serve God if he was healed.

Religion and Tragedy (03:28)

A woman in Rwanda describes the difficulty believing in God after her family was murdered. A man in Jerusalem expresses disbelief in God after seeing all the tragedy in the world. An Indian woman discusses issues surrounding organized religions.

Religious Teachings (04:23)

A woman in Cambodia expresses confusion about whether to believe science or religion. A woman in the United States describes growing up with multiple religious influences. A man in Benin states that belief matters more than religion.

Credits: God (01:13)

Credits: God

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What is their message to the world?

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