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Introduction: Meaning of Life (02:51)


A woman in Romania notes the philosophical difficulty in pondering the meaning of life. A woman in Israel refrains from answering. A man in San Francisco states that his meaning for life is being committed to his family and making the world a better place.

Meaning and Religion (03:24)

A man in Benin states that the meaning of life is the destiny written on each individual's hands. A man in Jerusalem notes that God is the reason for life. A woman in Great Britain denounces religious meaning and claims that there is no meaning to life.

Meaning and Family (03:43)

A woman in Romania claims that love is wealth and family gives you meaning. A woman in Bosnia-Herzegovina states that her children give her meaning. A man in Mali describes the meaninglessness of existence if you have no one to love.

Meaning and Death (05:28)

A Romanian woman states that the meaning of life is to consume nothing and give nothing. A woman in Argentina recalls her father teaching her to treat every goodbye like the last one. A woman in Ireland recounts when a stranger died in her arms.

Meaning and Goals (03:48)

A woman in Mali finds meaning through her organization CAFQ, the Coordination of Women's Associations and NGOs. An Australian man wants achievements to give his life meaning. A woman in France contributes to relief work which gives her a sense of purpose.

Meaning and Reflections (04:50)

A man in Mali ponders if he is only kind for selfish reasons. A woman in New Zealand states that humans exist to care for each other and the planet. A woman in Cuba claims that the meaning of life is life.

Credits: Meaning of Life (01:11)

Credits: Meaning of Life

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Reflections about the meaning of life that people want to share with us.

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