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Maxfield Parrish (03:40)


Norman Rockwell describes the influence Parrish had on popular culture. The painter-illustrator designed covers for "Life," "Collier's," and "Harper's Weekly." He also worked on advertising campaigns for Jell-O, General Electric, Hire's Root Bear, and Fisk Tires. (Credits)

"The Oaks" (05:16)

Rockwell describes visiting Parrish's home in Cornish, New Hampshire. The grounds contained Italian gardens and English architecture. Maxfield Parrish, Jr. gives a tour of the art studio and describes his father's painting techniques.

Parrish's Personal Touch (02:35)

Rockwell describes how Parrish made the boxes for his paintings. Parrish, Jr. explains how his father made unique catches and latches in his spare time.

Ornamental and Decorative Work (04:38)

Parrish illustrated letters and learned from his father's paintings. Trademarks of Parrish's artwork include merry individuals, geometric designs, and quality illustrations for business display. Donald Reichert describes how advertising executives needed to write copy to fit the drawings.

Parrish the Muralist (02:16)

The Knickerbocker hotel, Hotel Sherman, and Palace Hotel commissioned Parrish to create murals with Nursery Rhyme themes. Curtis Publishing hired him to paint the dining room. "Greengarden" became a mosaic.

Parrish Reproductions (02:31)

The public rarely saw the original paintings. Parrish did not like how commercial art made the illustrator repeat images.

Parrish Landscapes (04:03)

Parrish painted landscapes from 1934-1961 that were reproduced on greeting cards and calendars. Rockwell describes how art critics demoralized illustrators. The Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased one of Parrish's earlier works.

Credits: Parrish Blue (00:41)

Credits: Parrish Blue

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This is a rare film about Maxfield Parrish, a man who dominated the popular arts in early 20th century America. Featuring interviews with Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish Jr., we glimpse into the man and his works, from magazine covers to advertisements, from huge murals to decorative prints, book illustrations and notecards. Visiting his home and studio in Cornish, New Hampshire, the filmmakers were able to film the originals of many of these fine works.

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