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A Father's Legacy (10:24)


George E. Vaillant studies human development through a long term study at Harvard, and has concluded that love is the most significant factor for happiness and fulfillment. Frank DeBose reflects on his father's character and generosity; he taught through showing and always helped others. When he died, four generations were together.

Role Models (08:58)

Vaillant states that warm father-son relations lead to an ability to play and use humor. Frank and Colin DeBose discuss the importance of doing activities they enjoy with their children. Though his sons have many male models, the concept of masculinity as a uniform set of behaviors is irrelevant to how Colin acts or raises his sons.

Sublimation and Lynching Timelines (12:31)

Sublimation involves working with passion or pain and transforming it into something creative to share. Frank studies African American history, specifically slavery. Inspired by his discoveries, he began making timelines to share the history in a visual form.

Supportive Parenting (09:46)

Colin describes how important it is to make things for one's parents; those are the things they cherish most. His father taught him the value of physical labor and not to judge others for their occupation. Colin notices that many do not have supportive and accepting parents.

Teaching Compassion (05:22)

Vaillant explains how loving makes one completely vulnerable. Colin describes how his older sons responded to the birth of his youngest son. Through showing consistent love and support, he teaches them to love and be considerate of each other.

Into the Fourth Generation (06:09)

The children express themselves and play, learning from their father and grandfather. They learn to observe and solve problems. Quotes convey the importance of devoting love and support to children.

Credits: On Fathers and Sons and Love (01:20)

Credits: On Fathers and Sons and Love

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This video interrogates masculinity and the ways masculinity is challenged and changed by fatherhood. It explores the lives of four generations of men and includes a discussion of the Harvard Grant Study. The Grant study is the longest running study on human development to date. A recent report on the Grant study (The Triumphs of Experience-Vaillant) proposes that love and warmth are critical to the lives of men and successful lifelong development.

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