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Transgender Kids: The New Normal (01:59)


Today, parents are facing an explosion of the number of children who are saying they were born in the wrong body. Explore the debate over where a child should be free to change their gender.

Transgender Kids: Warner's Story (01:43)

Warner, a transgender nine-year-old, explains her feelings related to her transition. From a young age, Warner exhibited feminine traits and preferred feminine activities and clothing. At age two she expressed her desire to transition from male to female.

Gender Affirmative Approach (03:03)

Canada’s legislation has led the way in defending the rights of transgender people. Toby's act extends human rights to transgender individuals. The gender affirmative approach encourages parents to support their children in establishing gender.

Gender Dysphoria (02:30)

Some parents are opposed to the gender affirmative approach. Dr. Kenneth Zucker, one of the world’s foremost child psychologists, specializes in gender dysphoria and opposed the gender affirmative approach.

Politicization of Gender Therapy (04:53)

Following new legislation banning the practice of reparative therapy in Canada, Dr. Zucker’s clinic was shut down. Dr. Zucker’s dismissal set into motion the petition against the politicization of gender therapy.

Transgender Kids: Ella's Transition (04:58)

Until recently, the ability to transition to the opposite sex was confined to adults; however, as attitudes shift the focus is on children and young adults. Ella recalls her experience transitioning from male to female. Puberty blockers, estrogen, and surgery are used in the transitional process.

Transgender Kids: Kareem's Story (05:34)

Dahlia recalls her experiences with Dr. Zucker and the positive impact his therapy had on her son Kareem. There is a link between gender dysphoria and autism spectrum disorder.

Mental Health and Gender Dysphoria (03:43)

Cheri DiNovo believes that transgender individuals have always been normal members of society. Dr. Zucker's clinic was criticized for what some saw as preventing children from transitioning. Suicidal feelings among trans children are high; however, they are not higher than children with other mental health disorders.

Transgender Kids: A Parent's Perspective (06:47)

Chris recalls the trials associated with his daughter's gender dysphoria. Alex explored gender expression and overcame her condition without transitioning from a girl to a boy.

Overcoming Gender Dysphoria (03:36)

Some research indicates that 80 percent of children with gender dysphoria eventually accept their biological sex. Evidence suggests that childhood dysphoria could be linked to homosexuality.

Gender and the Human Brain (03:31)

There are no biological differences between male and female brains. The gendered world produces a gendered brain and stereotypes reinforce differences between the genders.

Universal Approach to Gender Dysphoria (01:41)

The gender affirmative approach is now universally accepted. Children are more likely to persist in their feelings of being the opposite gender if they being their social transition at a young age.

Transgender Kids: Transition or Die (02:56)

Lou, who experienced intense gender dysphoria, describes her experience with transitioning from female to male.

Polarizing Opinions (04:32)

Canada is at the forefront of defensing the rights of the LGBTQ community; however, the attitude towards trans children is polarizing legislation and forms of acceptable therapy.

Credits: Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? (00:37)

Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?

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This program explores the divisive debate over whether a child should be free to make permanent changes to their gender. Dr. Kenneth Zucker once ran the largest public clinic in Toronto for treating children and adolescents with gender dysphoria, an often violent feeling that the body they were born in does not match their true gender. But then Zucker was fired and his clinic closed down amid comparisons to a religious zealot trying to "cure" homosexuality. His supporters believe he is a victim of a virulent form of transgender politics that stifles freedom of speech. The program features interviews with Zucker, his patients, the families, the clinicians and transgender activists.

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