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Churchill, Canada (07:34)


Every bear season, thousands of tourists travel to Churchill to see polar bears on their migration route. Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan arrives at the start of the season. A local explains the nature of living so close to the bears.

Polar Bear Tourism (03:44)

Visitors can go on tours through a nature reserve just outside Churchill. Tundra buggies are buses placed on large off-road tires. A tour guide shares his experience of working with tourists.

Living with Polar Bears (07:42)

Gypsy's Cafe is a popular restaurant for locals and tourists. Residents of Churchill are cautious about walking around at night. One resident says humans are the problem; people built the town on the bears' migration path.

Bear Attack (04:48)

A Churchill resident recounts the night she was attacked by a polar bear. A man ran outside to rescue her and the bear was put down by conservation officers.

Fasting Period (06:05)

Polar bears have not eaten for months when they arrive in Churchill. They have a strong sense of smell, so trash is collected daily to avoid attracting bears. The town's trash is stored inside a bear-proof facility.

Polar Bear Release (05:28)

The Polar Bear Holding Facility prepares to release a bear back into the tundra. The bear is sedated and transported by helicopter further along the migration route.

Climate Change (08:26)

With warmer temperatures, the polar bears’ habitat has decreased in size and they must wait longer for sea ice; the bears have less time to hunt. A local explains how climate change has affected residents and tourists.

Bear Encounter (05:57)

Polar bears can run up to 20 miles an hour. A young male bear gets close to Buchanan's car.

Credits: Operation Arctic: Episode 4 (00:42)

Credits: Operation Arctic: Episode 4

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A wildlife cameraman travels to the edge of the Arctic – and beyond – to find out what life is like on top of the world. Discover the polar bears of Hudson Bay, in Canada, as they wait for the sea ice to form so they can begin their winter hunt. Meet the citizens of the tiny town of Churchill – the “polar bear capital of the world.”

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