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Kids in the Crossfire

Item #: 145417

Letting Baby Go

Item #: 145418

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Meet the Young Americans

The Series Includes : Kids in the Crossfire | Letting Baby Go
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $600.00
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Fearless presenter Stacey Dooley heads to the U.S.A. to learn more about the challenges faced by today’s young Americans. Heading for Chicago—where more young people are murdered as a result of gang violence than in any other city in America—Stacey meets a family of a 19-year-old gunned down outside their home. She also goes on patrol with a gang unit struggling to cope with the tide of violence and visits a prison boot camp where she meets a young man desperate to break free of gang culture. In the second film she meets the real-life Junos, gaining an insight into the open adoption system in the U.S. She meets two young women who have both made the heartbreaking decision to give up their babies, following them as they choose the prospective adoptive parents and meet them for the first time. But once the girls have given birth, how will they cope with the reality of handing over their newborns?

Length: 100 minutes

Item#: FPT145416

ISBN: 978-1-64347-185-3

Copyright date: ©2014

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