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Thinking Dangerously Living Differently: Introduction (01:39)


Shahidha Bari questions panelists, Psychotherapist Mark Vernon, Philosophy Professor Adrian Moore, and Philosophy Professor Angie Hobbs about the purpose of philosophy throughout history and the modern world.

Adrian Moore: The Pitch (03:59)

Moore asserts clear thinking is directly connected to ideas of Ludwig Wittgenstein as a form of therapy. He claims new philosophical ideas will arise and will be promoted by the philosophy students of the future.

Mark Vernon: The Pitch (05:34)

Vernon begins by describes the dangerous of being a philosopher in Ancient Greece; he states philosophy now is placed in the realm of religion and psychotherapy. Philosophy comes out of the limits of human thought and challenges the status quo of its time.

Angie Hobbs: The Pitch (05:38)

Hobbs claims philosophy and therapy have a long connected tradition, and therapy is the desire to overcome human desire. She asserts some academic philosophers do not, and should not, be concerned with the applications of their thought and theories.

Is the Purpose of Philosophy Only Therapeutic? (11:03)

Bari presents to the panel the question of whether therapy is the primary purpose of philosophy; Vernon asserts philosophy has shaped society since Ancient Greece. Moore explains philosophies purpose is to pinpoint the source of a flourishing life; humans have not always sought out the meaning of life itself.

Can Philosophy Change the World and How We Think? (08:47)

Bari directly questions Moore and then opens the discussion to the remaining panelists about whether philosophy has been responsible for changing the world. Society is propelling philosophy in a new direction.

What Is the Future of Philosophy? (08:23)

The panelists all hope philosophy will continue to be transformative for individuals and culture; philosophy reinvents itself to fit the culture. The history of philosophy is unknown, but Hobbs hopes school systems begin teaching the subject in elementary and secondary schools.

Credits: Thinking Dangerously Living Differently (00:21)

Credits: Thinking Dangerously Living Differently

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Thinking Dangerously Living Differently

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Philosophy as therapy is an ancient idea. Endorsed by Wittgenstein and popularized by self-help books. But isn't philosophy about understanding even if the insights are uncomfortable? Can philosophy be a dynamic force changing how we think and what we can do? Or does it serve only as a guide to everyday life? The Panel Oxford philosopher Adrian Moore, former priest and author of Wellbeing Mark Vernon and Plato Scholar Angie Hobbs consider the purpose of philosophy.

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