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Introduction: Science, Magic and the Inexplicable (02:11)


Present David Malone introduces the panel of philosophers and physicists. They will discuss topics on science's inexplicably and its relation to magic.

The Pitch: John Milbank (04:09)

Philosopher Milbank says throughout history there has been a triangle of science, magic, and religion. He says religion is commonly equally opposed to science and magic.

The Pitch: Chiara Marletto (03:21)

Physicist Marletto says the methods behind science and magic differentiate the two. She explains how there is room for criticism in science that is not in magic.

The Pitch: George Ellis (04:13)

Cosmologist Ellis talks about the negative connotations of magic and the dangers magic rituals in places, such as rural South Africa. He talks about the idea that science is a form of magic that works.

Theme One: How Are They Alike? (15:33)

The panel discusses how giving a scientific theory a name that explains it is like a magical incantation. Marletto says scientific theories are hard to create and prove, unlike incantations. They talk about the connection between mechanics and mindfulness.

Theme Two: Does Science Need Magic? (10:29)

The panel discusses if science is the best guard against magic. Milbank says science sometimes moves out of its borders into metaphysics, philosophy, and theology.

Theme Three: Might There Be More Than Science? (07:17)

Ellis says there is more to science than mechanism because something must tell it how to operate. They talk about how concepts on a higher level cause a mechanism on a lower one.

Credits: Science, Magic and the Inexplicable (00:21)

Credits: Science, Magic and the Inexplicable

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Science, Magic and the Inexplicable

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In our scientific age magic has been reduced to conjurers and wands. Yet, Newton and Wittgenstein saw the accounts of science as ultimately inexplicable. Should we see our theories as limited and in a sense magical or would this undermine all knowledge? The Panel Templeton Prize winning cosmologist George FR Ellis, philosopher and Slavoj Zizek collaborator John Milbank and Oxford quantum information theorist Chiara Marletto uncover the limits of explanation.

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