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Water Apocalypse—Introduction (04:27)


Angela Bassett talks about the coming global disaster of water shortages and drought, due to over-population and climate change. Donna Johnson discusses the effects of water shortage on the residents of East Porterville.

Agricultural Water Use (03:35)

Farming and agriculture in California use up to 80% of the state's water supply. Jake Wegner must shrink the size of his family's orchards due to the decreased water availability. Sarah Wolfe meets with Aaron Mandell about drilling a new well on her farmland.

Desalinating Water (02:47)

A solar powered desalinization process can create new fresh water for the Central Valley. Valuable salt crystals that are a byproduct of the desalinization process.

"The Big Dry" (03:11)

From 1996 through 2010, Western Australia suffered a major drought. Australia invested heavily in desalination technology. Andy Mercer explains a new technology called CETO; it uses the oceans' energy to desalinate water.

Sinking a Buoy (04:15)

The CETO team races against the weather in their attempt to sink a buoy that is part of the desalinization effort. The team attempts to 'stab' the buoy into place on the ocean floor.

Access to Clean Water (05:08)

In Dorze, Ethiopia, villagers sometimes trek hours to access clean water sources. Over 1,800 children in the developing world die every day from using contaminated water. Architect Arturo Vittori is trying to create simple structures that would harvest water for villages.

First Water Tower (07:10)

Vittori works with local volunteers to begin construction of a Warka Tower. Vittori and Bogale visit a town in search of a replacement for their level. Overnight, the foundation of the tower collapses.

Reclaiming Waste Water (04:07)

Peoria, Arizona looks like a desert community destined to suffer the effects of vanishing water, but they have a unique method of conservation. Beati Guevara explains the process of reclaiming clean water from sewage. Cindy Wallis-Lage explains the psychological barriers to drinking recycled waste water.

Warka Tower Erection (06:11)

University students discuss their experience with Vittori. VIPs, politicians, and villagers gather to watch Vittori and his students erect the Warka Tower. Vittori talks about the completion of the project and what it can bring to the region.

Solutions to the Crisis (02:59)

Sandra Postel speaks about the need to change our water wasteful ways. See footage of the desiccated Salton Sea in California. Postel and other conservationists are working to redirect water into the damaged region. (Credits)

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Planet Earth is often called "The Blue Marble." From space, it practically glows with a bright blue hue and swirls of white clouds. From a distance, it appears to be full to the brim with water. It's not until you take a closer look that you discover that despite its surface being covered with water, there is very little water to drink. Saltwater oceans dominate 97 percent of the water on Earth. Glaciers at our polar caps lock up 2 percent of our fresh water. Our population of 7 billion people and millions of animal species share just 1 percent of the water available on our planet. With climate change savaging weather systems and our population steadily rising, scientists and engineers all over the world are struggling to create local solutions for the growing global water problem.

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