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U.S. Drug Epidemic (03:44)


More people die from opioid overdoses than gunshots or car accidents. Purdue Pharma released a promotional video in which a doctor stated that opioids could be used long-term and would not lead to addiction. Watch footage of addicts juxtaposed with Dr. Alan Spanos' assertions. (Credits)

From Pills to Heroin (10:50)

Doctors prescribed Stephany Gay dilaudid, vicodin, and oxycontin to combat the pain of kidney stones. When buying pills became too expensive, Stephany and her sister turned to heroin; Ashley died of an overdose. Six weeks after completing her interview, Stephany relapsed.

Addicted to Pills (09:44)

Britt, Preston, and Harry Doyle reminisce about their mother who became addicted to prescription drugs. Wynn Doyle entered the Betty Ford Center for rehabilitation but left after three days. Her husband watched as Wynn intentionally hurt herself to obtain pills and filed for divorce after her 11th rehab visit.

Addicted to Pills: Death (04:51)

Wynn moved to San Francisco and obtained joint custody of her children. After being diagnosed with a kidney stone, she overdosed while her children were present. Physical dependence to opioids can develop in one week.

Stephany's Relapse (03:23)

Kathy Kelly coaches Audrey on what to do if Stephany overdoses in her presence. Adolescents prescribed opioids are more likely to misuse drugs as young adults.

Grief (07:47)

Four years after receiving a prescription for opioids, Brendan Cole died of a heroin overdose. His parents describe the last day of his life and the side-effects to withdrawal.

Grief: Hope and Healing after an Addiction Death (07:28)

At the support group, David Cayce talks about the death of his daughter. Georgia became addicted to prescription pills after falling through a guard rail and injuring her back and hip. Approximately 91 people die from opioid overdoses every day.

Stephany's Struggle (09:18)

Stephany's relapse began around the anniversary of Ashley's birth. Kelly visits her daughter, brings her Narcan, and convinces her to go into a rehab facility through Illinois' "A Way Out" program. Stephanie returned to using Heroin, but has since enrolled in a long-term medication assisted program.

Credits: Warning: This Drug may Kill You (01:45)

Credits: Warning: This Drug may Kill You

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From journalist/producer/director Perri Peltz (HBO’s Risky Drinking), Warning: This Drug May Kill You takes an unflinching look at the devastating effects of opioid addiction in the U.S., profiling four families who have seen their lives tragically changed by abuses involving their loved ones, whose addictions arose due to doctors’ prescriptions of dangerous painkillers. Through the personal and emotional stories of those who have dealt with addiction, either as a user or concerned family member, the film sheds light on the struggles of ordinary people whose lives turned on a dime after minor and major ailments led to the over-prescription of highly addictive opioids, which are often the gateway to heroin. Featuring home videos and pictures that humanize this health crisis, along with important statistics and information about opioid use and treatment, Warning: This Drug May Kill You is an eye-opening account of a terrifying epidemic America faces today, and the toll taken on addicts and their families.

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