Segments in this Video

Domestic Violence: What Happens (03:51)


A 10-year-old daughter interviews her mother on video tape about the violence and abuse she suffered from her husband.

Violence and Threats of Domestic Abuse (02:32)

A wife beater who is nice in front of friends and strangers beats his wife in the privacy of their home. A mother recounts an experience when her husband forced her out of their apartment, leaving her young son inside.

Domestic Violence Affects Children (02:55)

A wife endures threats by her estranged husband. One of the children expresses her feelings about her parents' separation and offers advice to other children.

Arranged Marriage and Domestic Violence (03:34)

A woman in an arranged marriage describes the violence she encountered with her husband-to-be. Her children ask her why she endured such violence.

Violence in the Family (02:17)

A violent man's behavior affects his children, and soon the son is also hitting his mother. In desperation, the mother takes her two children to a community health center.

After the Violence: Community Support (03:00)

A woman who left her abusive husband talks about the challenges of raising her two children on her own. She recalls the kindness and support she received from professionals and volunteers.

Why Abused Women Do Not Call Police (02:15)

Abused women discuss why they did not ask the police for help during their domestic violence attacks. A daughter questions her mother about her loneliness since the divorce.

An Abuser Speaks Out (03:48)

A daughter interviews her father about his reasons for being violent against his wife. He explains that physical injury and financial problems led to his drinking problem and subsequent violence.

Depression, Anger, Alcohol, and Violence (04:56)

An abuser explains the depression and fear that led to the violence against his wife and two attempts at suicide. His daughter feared him when he was angry and drinking. He talks about ego, losing control, and becoming violent.

Violent Attack on a Woman in Front of her Daughter (03:30)

A woman recounts a violent attack in front of their children in which she was severely beaten and nearly suffocated by her husband, who threatened to kill her. Their daughter risked her life to intervene in the fight.

Psychology of Abuse (03:30)

When a daughter tells her abused mother she should not have stayed with abuser, her mother explains the psychology of abuse. The complexities of love, abuse, forgiveness, and culture can cause a woman to stay with her abusive husband.

Affects of Domestic Violence on Children (03:18)

A son interviews his mother about the abuse she suffered from her husband. He discusses how the violence affected him. His mother reveals that the violence had been going on for years, while she remained silent.

Domestic Violence: Human Rights Violations (03:33)

An abused woman runs an organization that encourages government, lawyers, police, and others to help stop violence against women.

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Xiomara Fuentes, Amandeep Kaur, and Nneka—three wives beaten and humiliated by their husbands—are the subjects of Let’s Talk About It, which gives a voice and a face to a spreading epidemic of spousal abuse. This program puts video cameras into the hands of these women’s children who then interview their mothers about why they endured—and how they survived—such physical and emotional injury. The questions they ask, framed with a poignant blend of candor and naiveté, leave no room for equivocation. A compelling and purposeful call to action produced by acclaimed filmmaker Deepa Mehta, Let’s Talk About It is a journey into the secret and dangerous world of domestic violence, no more powerfully illustrated than through the eyes of the children. (Portions in foreign languages with English subtitles, 46 minutes)

Length: 46 minutes

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